Dec 2, 2009

“RED ROOFS” Acrylic on Canvas, 20X30

In 2005 I visited the thousand yearly Town of Meissen no very far from Germany"s Dresden.
Character is all over, bat when I claim the narrow streets in to the panoramic platform of the fort and cathedral, may blik was transfixed by the view of the town below, his orange red roofs freshly done in the effort of new beguines. Full of wonder, I cool no think a better way to honor such gracious old lady. an so Red Roofs was born of a bag of good intentions.

"Tejados Rojos"
En mi visita A la ciudad Alemana de Meissen muy cerca de la metropolitana Dresden. Desde la atalaya de la catedral en las alturas del fuerte la vista de esos tejados de terracota fue la razón inspiradora para la ejecución de la obra.

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