Jan 18, 2010

60cm. 45cm contthe on manila paper

I was very satisfied with the original Drawing as it was after the two hour work in the studio, for that quality it was separated to be transformed in to a Studio work at later time, for that reason y give it some thinking, follow with a light after work, well I should have record it in his primary state, for that mistake I lost some of the expressiveness and also a thrust of energy existent in the original work. I hope to, after time, have a fresh look and perhaps found that lost quality. Learn every day something!

Concluido la pose y después de dos buenas horas de trabajo el resultado obtenido fue altamente satisfactorio, por esta razón el dibujo original fue seleccionado para ser transformado en una obra de Studio en un futuro próximo. Considere entonces importante, después de una observación cuidadosa, la necesidad te retocar aquí y allí algunos detalles. El resultado fue un acertado retrato, pero perdió la frescura y expresividad que lo haría quizás una obra artística acertada.
Yo mantengo la esperanza que después de un tiempo de olvido se pueda recuperar en la nueva realización lo más posible de la frescura perdida.

Lección: nunca es tarde para aprender.


Jill Berry said...

Yes, sometimes it takes a while to diagnose and remedy the perfect fix. This is already a fine work!
The flow of the fabric gives motion!

Thank you so much for the encouraging note about my work and style.

Much Thanks for adding me to your "Blog List". It is with honor that I see my painting posted here.

Health and Happiness to your family in Canada.

billspaintingmn said...

Hi Giberto! I'm new here.
I want to comment that this piece has feeling. She's beautiful!
As I scroll through I find a common thread of feeling and creative passion in your work.
Red Roof (from Germany) stands out as good as anything I've ever seen.
Thank you for sharing your art.
(I've listed you in my favorites, so I can return again)