Jun 28, 2010

My friend Jesus Estevez Tel me that has hear from some one, somebody has deprive me of my brushes, a good reason no to paint and no to post. “Eureka” I decided to go for broke and start a series of small format studies done whit only one bush and a poor’s man palette and offer then in the open market for under hundred Dollars plus shipping and applicable taxes a piece, a celebration for the god intentions show by or near world politicians during the Toronto Tee Party. Be the first to sow your colors.

Acrylic 9x10 Acrylic on canvas board $90.00

Acrylic 9x10 on canvas boarddd caption $95.00

Acrylic 9x7on canvas board $90.00

Acrylic 9x7 on canvas board $85,00

Acrylic 9x7 on canvas board $85.00

Acrylic 9x7 on canvas board $80.00

Acrylic 9x7 on canvas board $ 99.00

Acrylic 5x7 on canvas board $45.00

Acrylic 9x7 on mounted canvas $99.00


martinealison said...

Merci pour ces belles peintures...
J'aime beaucoup les pivoines... Bravo.

billspaintingmn said...

Giberto! Good to see you posting! Your paintings are great to see!

Geny said...

Hello Gilberto ... His paintings are magnificent ... heide one day I try to do a painting.
A kiss and stay well ...

Gilberto said...

Mercie tu es bien généreuse, mais, je reçois ton compliment avec plaisir, peut-être demain va être mieux.

Gilberto said...

To post is a pleasure and a duty whith all those great friends on the waiting; I can only say “mea culpa mea culpa…”

Jesus Estevez said...

ya era hora, muy bueno gilberto , no has perdido el tiempo ,bueno de ver tu trabajo . un saludo

Gilberto said...

Que placer me dan tus palabras, eres un alma generosa que complementa bien tus trabajos, por lo que se refiere a pintar estoy segura que lo harías muy bien con poco esfuerzo. Leo a menudo tu blog ya que siento una debilidad marcada por tu lengua materna y no teniendo dificultades para entenderla, me da un enorme placer, otra cosa seria el escribirla, que pena.
Recibe un gran abrazo amiga.

juan herrador granero said...

¡Hola Gilberto! Hacía tiempo que no sabia de ti, me encanta ver tu trabajo. Saludos desde España.

Gilberto said...

Tu visita, un honor inmerecido amigo Juan, Veamos si puedo corresponder.