Feb 19, 2010

In the sketch is a college artist during panting togetherness a J. Parrot Gallery. the primary sketch is done on the urgency tying together deferent’s positions during the time available, the subject is in movement doing his own project, permission done, a photo is taken which will be the reference to the finished studio.

Una vez mas en una reunión de trabajo, patrocinada por la galería J. Parrota parte de la biblioteca local escogí esta compañera al azar como modelo del día. El bosquejo inicial es creado del sujeto en movimiento, consecuencia natural que ocurre durante la ejecución de su tarea particular. se trata de hilvanar las diferentes impresiones sin tomar decisiones definitivas dibujando con múltiples trazos ligeros a fin de mas tarde definir los mas favorables, tomando entonces , con el permiso necesario, una fotografía, como asistencia para la finalización del diseño a posteriori en el estudio


billspaintingmn said...

Gilberto! I'm happy to see you have posted!
I was wondering about you! I thought something happend, your avatar (photo) disappeared at my blog.???
This sketch is wonderful, I thought it was a painting at first!

Gilberto said...

Since you have decided to be my regular fan I ohm you some explanation, May Ingles, to my regret, steel far away from satisfy the need to express my self, I want to go beyond the words as words, I find, are short to cover the artistic needs of our going dreams, So I go were man as not go before….. I throw any kind of words to all my friends in the distance (security reasons) and inspect from your kindness to put den together, so don’t be literal with me bath sorry.
Avatar. Ha-Ha disappear, maybe should? I don now a lot in the business of Blogging, could be possible I have do something wrong, if you have any idea e-mail then to me and the charges, please put in my dead account.

billspaintingmn said...

I awoke this morning and saw your new picture of Gilberto!
You look like an Artist with confidence, I like that!
Your art does go beyond words, as it should!
I only have words to explain my admiration.